We all want to be “Happy Ever After” but it might as well be a fairytale.

We spend most of our lives working, chasing after money that we then spend quicker than it took to earn it, so we have to work to chase some more again, and so the cycle goes around. We spend the money trying to buy happiness, but even if we get it, it’s so short-lived. A week’s holiday doesn’t make up for a year of working. A couple of glasses of wine don’t solve anything.

The Freedom Formula

No one ever tells us that there’s a formula that will make us free – the Freedom Formula – and a way to get to there. Without being told that this exists, we don’t know how to try for it.


It exists. And there are seven simple, straightforward steps to get to the Freedom Formula, that we call the MISSION, because they stand for Money, Income, Saving, Spending, Investing, Owning and Now!

They’re simple and straightforward, but they’re not easy. They’re really not at all easy. The harder you work at them, the more you save and invest, the more money works for you than you work for money, the sooner you can be free.

Happy Ever After Starts Here